Orion I/O Base

Price Change

Effective June 19, 2023, prices will increase 6% on average for base hardware and all options.

Serial Port

Ethernet Port

I/O Card Option Slot A (Bottom Slot)

I/O Card Option Slot B

I/O Card Option Slot C

I/O Card Option Slot D (Top Slot)

User Interface


Power Supply

Conformal Coating

Communication Protocols

Standard IT and Time Protocols

Standard Protocols: FTP / SFTP, HTTP / HTTPS, RADIUS, LDAP, NTP / SNTP, PPP, SNMP, SSH, SSL / TLS, syslog, and telnet

Master/Client (IED) - Up to 600 Client Protocol Points from Client Protocols and Cascaded Client

Slave/Server (SCADA)

Special Options

Special Options

Internal use only



Mounting Options

Total 0 of 1

Surface Mount Swing Bracket (NT-930-102)
Extended Panel Mount Ears (EXPL)

Services & Add-Ons (priced separately)

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